The Targets and Methodology of TEPS-B

The Targets and Methodology of TEPS-B

The Targets and Methodology of TEPS-B

The main purse of TEPS-B is to continue with the student samples of TEPS, and to investigate the titles, years, glades of the samples as listed below:

TEPS-B 2009

There’re three separate pars for TEPS-B 2009 (the green section in the diagram):

  1. It took place from August to October in 2009, aiming to survey through phone-calls (for the high school students of second year and college students) and plan to proceed with in-person interviews by the end of 2010. We will take the results we’ve gathered from our works from 2009 to 2010 (Panel 1 SH) as the guideline predecessor in order to determine whether there’re still other effective cases left out in our list.
  2. It aims to have a thorough phone-surveys from September to October in 2009 on the first-year junior high school students who have accepted our surveys in TEPS2001 project (Panel 1/2 CP). They have accepted TEPS surveys ever since the first year of their junior high school days in 2001 along with other three surveys done in their second junior high school year, the second and third year of their senior high. Thus the samples of this survey has great merits for our further researches, particularly Panel 1/2 CP, and they’re the nuclear sample of TEPS-B.
  3. By the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, phone-surveys were done on the first-year junior-high school students of TEPS 2001 (Panel 1 NCP), and these students were partial targets of Panel 1/2 CP without receiving any other further survey after TEPS in 2003. However, we have only taken half of our estimated samples due to the consideration for the consumption of time and money, and we shall continue with our survey with the other half of our remained samples in TEPS-B.

TEPS-B 2013

The plans of TEPS-B 2013 include (the pink section in the diagram):

  1. We plan to do our phone-surveys and in-person interviews of Panel 1/2 CP and Panel 1 NCP from the year of 2013 to that of 2014: these two sets of samples are the first-year junior high school students who accepted TEPS survey in 2001 and took our surveys again in 2003 in their third year of school. There were approximately 4000 people who have accepted TEPS surveys when they were in vocational colleges (Panel 1/2 CP) from the year of 2005 to that of 2007. The interviewees of Panel 1 NCP have stopped taking TEPS surveys after their junior high school graduation. The unique attribute for these two sets of samples is the sense of continuation since some of the interviewees accepted such surveys even at such young age of 13, and therefore Panel 1/2 CP preserves the precious records of their life-career through such persistent long-term surveys.
  2. The phone-surveys of Panel 2 NP in 2013: this set of samples focus on the interviewees who were born in the year of 1988 and 1989, and they accepted TEPS 2005 surveys when they were in vocational colleges. This set of samples has remained untraced after the second phase of TEPS in 2007. We plan to use a much simpler and more economic method to investigate the choices of their present education and career.
  3. The phone survey of Panel 1 SH in 2015: the interviewees who accepted the phone surveys of TEPS-B just began to join in the labor market. This project plans to re-trace these interviewees by the year of 2015. On the one hand, it investigates the debutante phase of the interviewee’s careers. On the other hand, it makes preparation for the data-renewing for TEPS-B. There’ve great many email addresses stored in our data-base by the year of 2009, and henceforth we attempt to try basing our surveys through internet access and taking the phone-surveys as our complementary means of survey.